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Technology Strategies 101

In partnership with Bridging Technologies ATL,The AI Hub is proud to provide an enriching program that bridges the technology gap.  


Digital Creation Course

Pre-Qualify For Free Tablets

Program Registration


About Bridging Technologies 

Bridging Technologies ATL is a multifaceted organization whose ultimate goal is to bridge the technology gap in our underserved communities through awareness, education, and practical application. These communities include but not limited to Senior Citizens, Parolees/ Probationers, and our Youth. 


About Digital Creation Course

Register for a hands on  1 hour course for a group of up to 6 and prequalify for a free tablet and streaming service! 

Receive hands on guidance to create key tools to stay up to date on recent ....From a business profile, to conducting free Google video chats and all the creative need to knows in between.

Take away keys for advancement and resources that will last a lifetime and keep you in touch with your family, friends, and loved ones. 


Upcoming Courses:

June ... : 10AM-11AM

June ... : 10AM-11AM

Attend and Enjoy! 

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