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Leveraging AI As a Tool

Leveraging AI As a Tool


February 24, 2024 at 11am Craft Memorable Marketing in the Age of AI.

Learn how to effectively use Artificial Intelligence for your business. Unlock the secrets to training AI to sound like your voice & give you output tailored to your brand. Save time with best practices for marketing workflows with impactful results.


Max (they/them)  is the Founder and CEO of Max Wilde Stories. They tell the stories of businesses and community organizations through evocative content strategy and a compelling brand narrative. Max’s writing centers on connection because our marketing has the power to make people feel seen, not sold to. Since 2018, Max has collaborated with various community organizations, including InnovateHER KC, Square One for Small Business, Newhouse KC, and the Kansas City Beacon. In Max’s free time, they’re tapping into their inner teenager and relearning to roller skate.

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