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The AI Hub builds creative space in River Market, giving artists access to business tech, tools

"The Midwest needs more resources to help creatives start their own businesses and keep them thriving, said Taylor Burris and James Spikes, who designed a one-stop art incubator to give artists’ innovation a fresh canvas."

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Representation Matters: Art Incubator KC

In today’s Representation Matters series, Bill chats with James Spikes, co-founder of Art Incubator KC. Watch this to see how Art Incubator KC provides the perfect space for local creatives. Learn more about Art Incubator KC when James takes over Black Excellence KC’s Instagram account.

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Coffee Talks 

The AI Hub is a space that allows business owners and local artists to connect and develop their skills. Passionate about supporting the community, the Art Incubator is a one stop shop for profitable creativity.

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Representation Matters

In today’s Representation Matters series, Bill chats with Taylor Burris from the IRIS Creative Projects Agency, The AI Hub parent co. Learn more about their mission when Taylor takes over Black Excellence KC’s Instagram account.

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The AI Hub among latest Alchemy Sandbox grant winners

“As our community grows we need to grow with them and provide them with the best equipment possible and branch out into more art arenas so that everyone can succeed with the services and resources that The AI Hub provides,” Spikes said. 


Couple Open AI Hub, First Black-Owned Creative Coworking Space, in Kansas City

Officially open the doors to The AI ​​Hub, the first Black-owned creative coworking space in Kansas City, Missouri. Located in the heart of City Market, the new space features a collaborative creative coworking space with 5 creative studios...


Life & Work with Taylor Burris

On top of running my own business, I spent much of my time in the entertainment field where I either worked with or interviewed actors, musical artists, producers, etc. such as Mulatto, Viola Davis, Spice the Queen of Dance Hall, Ernie Johnson Jr., T.C. Carson, Alexander Skarsgard and more...

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